Thursday, October 18, 2012

time flys

I know that i havent been posting as much i should be i dont have much free time. well actually i do but i just find other more exciting ways to fill it. As of tomorrow there are only 50 days left which is 6 weekends...i cant believe how fast it has gone by. However i am actually really getting ready to go home. im not having culture shock i didnt really experience that i just am so in love with new england in the fall and every little this about this season. i have never really been away from it it was how i grew up outside bundled up playing in the foliage shopping for halloween and seeing all of the decorations and festive colors.  not having any of that in florence is just really horrible, i love it here i do but there is no color with or without a national holiday. also im really sick of the weather it is supposed to be 80 degrees this im sorry noo i dont want to wear shorts in october thats just not okay with me. othen than feeling fall sick everything is going pretty well. my internship has slowed down alot which is nice because i only have to work a day and half a week and i can enjoy my weekends with my friends. i recently deicded to go on another trip with my friend morgan to austria i had to budget out how much money i can spend per week from now on to make sure i can afford it but it will be worth it :)

im happy here but i cant wait to get home

Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 3

Today I took the samples which I had been preparing for the new collection and selected the pain that would go where the seams were to match or contrast with the leather or skins. Then we had to get them approved by the head designer Bruce. Then I went upstairs to help out with assembling boxes for purses and labeling them to be shipped.  Then once the ceo was free he explained to us the programming that the company uses to sort their products and design the colors and ship the special orders.  Then we did some of the sample orders imputing them into the computed checking to see if they had been cut and assembled already. 

Today was a short day because I had class in the afternoon but I mostly helped in the workshop assembling the samples with thread options for the new materials in the spring summer 2013. Then I went upstairs and helped with packaging the handbags to be shipped.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Internship day one!

Yesterday was my first day at VBH. I started off learning a little bit about what the company is doing at the time which is a lot of excel work that is how the manage all of the orders for their new handbags. Then we went into the production area and cut pieces of samples of the materials needed for each bag so that the makers now what material to make the bag out of.  The work environment is a huge change I am used to being in stores with customers and now im in the production factory. Most of handbag makers don’t speak any English so that is hard but the people I worked with today speak English.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 1!

   Day one of study abroad has been such a breeze....hahaha not!!! I got to the airport around 3 hrs early for my flight and had dinner then went through security with about 2hrs till boarding time. Then then announce that the plane is late so we will be boarding 20 min later than scheduled. 20 min later they come over the speaker and announce there is a problem with the wheel and that they are waiting for inspection. they do this and say 30 min later that they still don't know what the problem is; at this point 1.5 ish hours have gone by. then later they say that they are waiting for approval from london for us landing later than planned, another 40 min goes by at this point it has been 3 hrs and they give us meal vouchers so that we can get a meal like we would if on the flight. by the time we get back to the gate they tell us that the flight is cancelled it is now 11:30pm. they then take us to go get our bags and then to get a new flight as well as hotel and travel accommodation. By the time all of us got our bags and got to the end of all the passengers to get new tickets it was 12:30. then we proceeded to wait in that line for 2hrs before getting to the front of the line. then it took all of us another 30 min to get on a new flight for 8:50 this morning, so there was no point in going to a hotel cause it was in 5 hrs across the airport. Then we have to get across the airport and we flagged down a bus and he drove us to the terminal thank god, we go there and had to wait in line for another 30ish min. then when we got to the desk the lady was very rude and made us pay for our baggage again and it was $60 which was 12 more than virgin charged which i need to get refunded. then we went through security at around 4:30 am and afterwards got breakfast and have been sitting at the terminal gate since which smells horribly like feet and vomit. our flight leaves at 9am and we will not arrive in london till around 9pm there time having miss the whole first day